Welcome to Learning Seeds Preschool

      Mrs.Deanna Ford is the Director and Lead Teacher at Learning Seeds Preschool.
      After graduating from Jennings Co. high school, she studied Early Childhood Education at Indiana State University.  Mrs. Ford has been teaching preschoolers for over 25 years. "I have a passion for children and sincerely love my job. I really enjoy forming lasting bonds with each student and their families."

Our Mission Statement

     The Learing Seeds Pre-School will strive to nurture children socially, academically and spiritually.

     We believe this academic and spiritually based program will provide an important foundation for preschoolers and their families.

Our Goal

  • To give area preschoolers an opportunity to benefit from a quality early       childhood education in a loving and positive environment.
  • To enable children to become better prepared for kindergarten.
  • To give children daily examples of Christian life skills.

Registration Information

Classes Available: 

Three year old kids meet on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am - 11:00am.

Four year old kids meet on 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings-  8:30am - 11:00am 

There is also an afternoon class for the four year old kids

Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons- 12:30pm - 3:00pm

Tuition Rates

3's Class......$60/month,

4's Class......$75/month,

Registration Fee (non-refundable) ......$45

  • This fee along with your registration form, holds your child's place on our     roster untill August.  
  • Class size is limited and fills quickly!  
  • Monthly tuition payments will begin in August, and are due by the 5th of   each month. 

Curriculum Overview


  • To recognize the eight primary colors....3's & 4's
  • To recognize first name in print.....3's & 4's
  • To recognize likeness and differences in objects.....3's & 4's
  • To recognize "what's missing" in pictures & groups.....3's & 4's
  • To become familiar with positional words.....3's & 4's
  • To introduce rhyming words.....4's
  • To introduce alphabet w/ letter recognition & sound.....4's
  • To introduce concept of opposites.....4's
  • To introduce concept of sequencing.....4's
  • To be able to write first name.....4's


  • To recognize four basic shapes....3's & 4's
  • To practice rote counting.....3's & 4's
  • To foster skill of one to one correspondence.....3's & 4's
  • To sort objects into groups....3's & 4's
  • To make patterns....4's
  • To recognize progression of sizes.....4's


  • To foster fine motor skills with lacing, painting, cutting, holding writing utensils, stringing beads, ect.....3's & 4's
  • To foster large motor skills using balls, hoops, ect.....3's & 4's
  • To utilize the gymnasium and outdoor playground for large motor development....3's & 4's


  • To become aware of seasonal changes...3's & 4's
  • To experiment with properties of water...3's & 4's
  • To experiment with wind and air....3's & 4's
  • To learn about various animals and insects...3's & 4's
  • To become familiar with community helpers...3's & 4's
  • To install positive self-esteem.....3's & 4's
  • To learn about families....3's & 4's
  • To learn about healthy foods....3's & 4's
  • To learn about good dental health...3's & 4's
  • To learn about units of transportation...3's & 4's
  • To experiment with with magnets....3's & 4's
  • To experiment with measuring & pouring....3's & 4's
  • To introduce concepts of recycling & taking care of our earth.....4's


Both 3's and 4's 

  • To instill a knowledge that God loves and cares for us.
  • To become familiar with Bible stories.
  • To develop an awareness that we need to thank God before meals.
  • To learn to petition God for our needs.
  • To give children daily examples of Christian living and how we apply it to our families and friends.


Both 3's and 4's

  • To encourage sharing and cooperation with friends.
  • To install a respect for authority.
  • To promote good listing skills.
  • To learn classroom rules and follow them.
  • To respect other's property.
  • To encourage good table manners.
  • To help at clean up time.


  • Children will take field trips in the community to promote units of study covered in the classroom.
  • Community Helpers will visit our classroom.
  • Children will participate each day in learning centers carefully planned to foster specific skills. (Block Center, Fine Motor Center and Dramatic Play Center).
  • Props and toys change weekly to provide a wide range of opportunities.
  • Children will have "hands-on" activities each day.
  • Children will explore and create at the art table with something new each day.
  • Children will be involved in discovery play at our rice table. (similar to sand table)
  1. Children will develop self-help skills such as, putting on coat, hanging school bag, putting items in bag to take home, cleaning up after snack time, taking care of our classroom, etc. 
  2. Many events to include family, such as, Dad's Night, Mom's Night, Grandparents Day, Christmas Program and Graduation Ceremony (with caps and gowns) 


Wilson Chapel  Christian Union

9435 N St. Hwy. 7


From Scipio.....Learning Seeds is 4 minutes north of Scipio Elementary on Hwy. 7

From Columbus.....Learning Seeds is 1 mile south of the Bartholomew Co / Jennings Co. line on Hwy. 7. 

  Click tab below to fill out a Registration Form online.

FINAL DIRECTIONS- After completing the above form,, mail your $45 non-refundable deposit fee to:
Deanna Ford / Pre-School Director 
6325 West CR. 950 North 
Scipio, IN 47273.
Once both of these items are recieved, you will be sent a conformation letter that will hold your child's place on the Learning Seeds roster untill school begins!
Monthly tuition payments will begin when pre-school starts in August.